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 Body Bronzing
Helios Body Bronzing is proud to offer SOUTH SEAS BODY BRONZING AND SKIN CARE LINE We are committed to providing you with the best bronzing experience. 

* Make sure you that you exfoliate (with a water based product) the day of your bronzing..(South Seas makes a great water based exfoliatent...BORA BORA).

* Bronzing is done at your comfort level (i.e. undergarments, bathing suit, in the buff).

* Wearing loose clothing after your bronzing will allow you to have a successful bronzing experience.

*You need to allow at least 8 hours from the time you have bronzed to your first shower.

*Waxing should be done 24 hrs prior to your bronzing.

*IF you are having any facial services performed, please wait 72 hours or longer before bronzing, ask your service provider before you have your service how long you must wait!!!

Outlets of Loveland - 5681 McWhinney Blvd, Loveland CO 80538  We are just one suite to the west of IZOD or three suites to the east of Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory 
Helios Body Bronzing provides single bronzing, double dip bronzings, bronzings for weddings, pictures, special events and anything else you can think of!